Galtere’s mission is to provide absolute and uncorrelated returns through a detailed, top-down investment process coupled with disciplined bottom-up risk management. The team’s expertise and available resources are utilized throughout the investment process.

Galtere maintains a focus on identifying future trends in order to recognize new investment patterns and regime shifts that might dynamically alter global markets, and uses this input to structure long term investment themes. As these themes unfold, artificial turnover is minimized by proactively managing erratic market moves and keeping an eye on the big picture. All entry and exit levels are based on the proprietary price analysis model that Galtere’s CIO has used for 20 years.

Galtere aims to maintain a culture that fosters growth, openness, truth, and egalitarianism, creating opportunities for partners, team members, and investors alike. Galtere is committed to encouraging positive change not just within the firm, but on a global level.