Renee Haugerud is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Galtere, a registered investment advisor managing commodity‐focused products since 1997.

Ms. Haugerud began trading in the global financial and commodity markets in 1981 for agriculture and food giant Cargill Inc. While at Cargill her trading acumen and ability to identify global macroeconomic trends led to leadership positions in many of Cargill’s global locations including: Foreign Exchange Trading Manager in Geneva; Manager of US Fixed Income trading in Minneapolis, MN; Financial Division Manager of the Melbourne, Australia office and board membership of Cargill Australia; and Vice President and Structural Trading Manager at Cargill’s corporate headquarters in Minneapolis, MN.

Following thirteen years at Cargill and Continental Grain, Ms. Haugerud managed proprietary trading desks at institutions including Natwest Markets in Hong Kong and Hunter Douglas N.A. in the U.S.

Ms. Haugerud’s experience trading multiple asset classes through a commodity lens culminated in her founding Galtere in 1997. Galtere employs Ms. Haugerud’s commodity-based global macro strategy that draws upon an array of markets and instruments in order to express real asset-driven themes. Utilizing a unique ‘profile and theme’ approach, the strategy employs top-down fundamental macro analysis in theme identification and rigorous bottom-up value determination selecting specific investments. Galtere’s methodology creates a disciplined approach to discretionary investing by combining fundamental macro research with a proprietary price analysis model for trade entry and exit levels.

Ms. Haugerud’s insight into how global markets are affected by the psychology and relationships of macroeconomic trends makes her a sought‐after speaker and panelist at global investment events. Ms. Haugerud has been interviewed on CNBC, CNN and the PBS Nightly Business Report, and has also been profiled in Barron’s, Forbes Magazine, ForbesLife Executive Woman, MAR Futures, Time and Trader Monthly. She is active in the community of women and business leaders, and an active advocate for numerous global education initiatives, including the Galtere Institute at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga.

Ms. Haugerud received her B.S. degree with Honors in Forest Resource Management from the University of Montana in 1980.