Mar. 6, 2012, Rutland, VT – The first half million BTU commercial wood pellet boiler manufactured in Webiomass Inc.’s Rutland Vermont plant has been delivered to the Galtere Energy Center in Preston MN. This boiler recently completed testing at Omni Test laboratories in Oregon for UL/ CSA approvals.

These commercial boilers (up to one million BTU) along with a residential wood pellet boiler line, offer efficiencies up to 94%, are considered carbon neutral, and exceed stringent clean air standards worldwide.

George Robbins, president Webiomass Inc., will travel to the Preston MN jobsite the week of March 12th to oversee final commissioning and training on this equipment. “The owners of the Preston project insisted they receive the first unit produced here in Vermont, and I am pleased with the superior quality and operation of this unit. Interest in our products has exceeded our expectations and we expect rapid production and distribution expansion.” Webiomass expects to export over 35% of production to the Canadian market.

All boilers produced at the Howe Street plant utilize primarily US produced components and local production. All boilers are ASME, CRN, UL, and CSA approved and employ proven technology including full self-cleaning systems and advanced automation. Many residential units have been installed locally and regionally with residential unit production expected to begin in the coming weeks along with ongoing commercial unit fabrication. Employment at the Rutland facility is expected to reach 25-30 full and part time positions in the future.

About Webiomass Inc.

Webiomass Inc. is the only wood pellet boiler manufacturer in the United States with residential and commercial high efficiency wood pellet boiler systems, distributed via dealer networks throughout North America. All boilers are produced under an exclusive license acquired from Woodpecker Energy UK in June 2011. Current UK projects include numerous installations at the Olympic sailing village in Portland England.